Life Changing Career Choice for Lesley


A coastal change and a complete career transition for Lesley White has been one of her best life decisions, she says. Her move to sunny Port Macquarie and starting her role at Home Nursing Group as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN), has definitely proved to be a step in the right direction as she recently received a promotion to Care and Support Coordinator.

Care and Support Coordinators assist clients and their families to navigate the home care system and services. They play a fundamental role in coordinating and supporting clients through our Aged Care programs.

We spoke to Lesley and she shared an honest and open discussion about chasing her dream career and her experience working within the wonderfully rewarding world of home care.


Hi Lesley, could you tell us about yourself and your dream of working in aged care?

I was born in Sydney and grew up the south-west suburbs of Picnic Point and Georges Hall. In 2017, I moved from Sydney to Port Macquarie after a long and successful career in journalism, magazine publishing (specifically food and fashion magazines), and various government related roles.

As part of this life-changing move, I decided I wanted to work in an area of personal passion: aged care. When I left school many, (many!) years ago, I had wanted to train as a Nurse, but various other opportunities presented themselves, and my career took another direction.

But deep in my heart I have always wanted to work in a caring profession, and so I saw this move as my opportunity to fulfil that dream. I knew I’d start at ground level all over again, but that didn’t concern me because I would be doing something I loved.

How did you come to work for Home Nursing Group?

I did my researched before I moved up to Port Macquarie and identified a traineeship opportunity as an AIN. I also undertook my Certificate III in Individual Support while commencing work as an AIN.

This was a great start, but I felt I had more to offer and so I looked at other opportunities and considered enrolling at TAFE to further study as an Enrolled Nurse, then I saw the job advertisement for Home Nursing Group.

I attended the Recruitment Open Day held at Port Macquarie and was won over by the warmth and passion of the team.

What do you love about working for Home Nursing Group?

What I noticed immediately was the kindness and passion of the individuals who work for Home Nursing Group. Their commitment to providing genuine care to clients, generosity of spirit, welcoming nature and willingness to assist, were some of the positive qualities I have experienced.

I’m very appreciative that our work is supported by robust policies and procedures that help to ensure the safety and protection of both clients and staff. The company is also flexible and progressive in its approach to adapting to a fast-moving and ever-changing community service sector.

Home Nursing Group have provided me with opportunities to continue my career progression, including support whilst studying as an EN and my recent promotion to a Care and Support Coordinator. It’s exciting to be able to expand on my existing skills and expertise.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in home care?

It’s the small things that can matter most. A smile, a kind word, an encouragement, a sympathetic ear, a small gesture that can help in untold ways.

Remember that it can be quite confronting for a vulnerable person to allow someone into their home. Spend that extra few minutes the first time you meet a new client in putting them at ease – smile, show warmth, chat about their home, the garden or the weather. Ensure they are comfortable before you start talking about the job at hand.

A caring nature, patience, understanding, and a genuine connection with older people will bring you the joy and deep personal satisfaction that comes from helping others. You will get back more than you give.


Home Nursing Group are looking for like-minded people to join our team and help provide exceptional in-home care. If you share our values of trust, respect, empathy, accountability and teamwork, we’d love to hear from you.

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