Meet Heidi Lees

Meet Heidi Lees, a previous HNG employee who is now fulfilling her career aspirations as a Registered Nurse.

When did you know you wanted to do nursing and why?

As cliché as it sounds, I always wanted to be in the medical field. My mother and Aunty were Nurses and I loved the stories growing up. The time was right to study. After a 12 year career as a Nanny and traveling the world, the child I cared for at the time was off to big school, so I applied to study.

What are you currently doing in Nursing and what are some of the challenges?

I have just completed a New Graduate Nursing Program at the Emerald Hospital in Central Queensland. This was comprised of a seven-month rotation in Emergency and months on a medical ward. Isolation and lack of resources in a rural setting provided many a challenge. Personally though it was challenging to find my feet and trust my knowledge and instincts, when transitioning from student to RN.

In your time as a training nurse and now a Nurse in acute, what have been the standout lessons for you?

  • Trust your instincts, they are usually right.
  • Working as a team is the most important part of nursing.
  • Time management is paramount.

Is there one standout nursing experience as an Assistance In Nursing that has helped your approach to acute care?

There is not just one. However, caring for the elderly as an Assistance In Nursing came with its challenges, and learning to remain calm, think quickly and have a great poker face has helped me tremendously in acute care. I got lots of great experience while working with Home Nursing Group that really helped hone my skills for later on.

From your experience with Home Nursing Group while studying, what were the most useful supports you received?

Working for Home Nursing Group was my first ever nursing position. The support from the team was so important for a training nurse, especially being out in the field alone. The clinical and admin staff were always a great support to me along the way, always only a phone call away. I believe the role of a mentor is extremely important. While starting out as a nurse is both daunting and rewarding, we learn from those who have walked the path before us. My mentors have taught me so many valuable lessons, from looking at a situation differently to how to cope when it all feels too much.

What advice would you give an AIN/RN just starting out in the field?

My advice is simple:

  • Trust your instincts.
  • Always ask for help. There are no stupid questions and you are not expected to know everything, we are always learning.
  • Lean on those around you for support.
  • Always, always treat those you are caring for as if it were a family member. This will keep you kind.